Pieces designed and made by Matthew Bridges Design combine engineering skills, cabinet making finesse and aesthetic elegance.

What we do

Matthew Bridges Design was formed in 2011, after the creation of the SEER table. The design journey can be seen on our blog, from the initial drawings to the unvieling at TENT London 2012 . The Vincent/Vera chairs were designed to complement the SEER table, continuing the idea of making available space work as cleverly as possible.

After ten years in the high end bespoke furniture sector, Matthew Bridges understands how to make quality furniture. His designs strive to be elegant and practical, to 'function' in some way unexpected, but never just for the novelty.

There are more ideas in various stages of design to completion - sign up to our YouTube channel , or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear the latest news about new products.

Meet the team